JOY at Work!

Find Your Joy Throughout the Day

It’s sometimes hard to find joy throughout your day.  You’re at work (or you work at home) and you’re scrambling to get things done.  You’re overwhelmed by the amount of work to accomplish.  There’s no end in sight. Or maybe you have had a confrontation with someone – fellow employee or customer.  Hey, it’s hard to find your joy after someone screaming in your face.
I know I’ve struggled before with finding a way to make it through a rough day, let alone, finding anything to be happy about. We all have those days.  I’m a teacher and I absolutely love teaching. I love my students and I want to be a positive influence in their lives, so I can’t get down.

Here’s my number 1 way of getting through the day:  accomplish a small task and build from there.

You’d be amazed how you will get a boost in energy and confidence by accomplishing that task.  Just yesterday, I had several incidents with my students.  It started as soon as I came into my room.  I had to speak with the student privately about an incident and it pushed back my lesson by ten minutes.  That’s a lot of time considering I have less than an hour for that particular class.  Needless to say, I didn’t get through my lesson and then I had to contact a parent.  Not a good start.

Small Tasks Can Make You Happy.

I could feel my negative feelings starting to build, so I did what I’m telling you to do.  I had a few minutes before my next class, so I straightened my desk.  I know straightening my desk.  It was a mess and I kept putting it off. Cleaning my desk shouldn’t make a person happy, but it did.  I’m weird.  What can I say?
When my next class came in, we started and completed the lesson on time and more importantly my students learned something and were happy.
Mission accomplished! From there, my day kept getting better and better