About Our Site

Hi everyone,

I’m finally launching our site, which is geared towards blended families and single-parent homes, but really, it’s for all families.

What’s on this site?

The site is an eclectic mix of my blog, organization tools for blended families, tips for parents and step-parents, empowerment encouragement (a lot of that!), finances, and our lifestyle.

It’s not an advice site – I hate when people tell me they have some advice to give me.  It’s more like, “hey, this didn’t work for us, but this did. Maybe it will work for you, too.”

I want to apologize in advance.

I organized this website with submenus on a variety of topics that at times may overlap.  In other words, you may see some articles in two places.  It’s hard to place some of the topics in one category.  There’s a lot of grey area in parenting, right?  So I apologize for the redundancy.

Also, this is a growing website so there may be areas where there’s not a lot of info.  I plan on posting much more, though, so please be patient.


This is a bully-free zone so I won’t respond to haters.  However, I’m fine with suggestions and constructive criticism.  I will even be asking your opinion on topics, too.  For instance, I may ask you if you would like a tutorial on creating an electronic school organizer for your child.

You won’t be able to leave comments yet, because, honestly, I know I won’t be able to keep up with responding to everyone.  Like many of you, I work full time and have kids, so I’m sorry.  I really am.  I will try to respond to emails, though.

Book Series: Blended & Single Families, Marriage, Divorce, and Organizing.

I am writing a series of books.  I just finished one on gaining financial soundness: Diminishing Debt and Financial Soundness for Single Parents and Blended Families  so check it out.  There are more to come.

Thanks for visiting our site.  Enjoy!