About Our Blended Family


I’m Anna and I have a blended family.  We have three kids and our dog, Baby.


Baby at the beach with Coach

My husband or “Coach,” has two daughters from a previous marriage.  Elli is in college.  She is studying business.  Cora is still in high school and plays a lot of soccer.

I have a son, Joe, from a previous marriage and he’s in high school, too.  He plays football and basketball. The off-season is weight training.


School and sports are a major part of our lives. There’s never a time, it seems when we are not talking about sports.  We are a little immersed in it since Coach also is Joe’s coach.  So when I say we talk about it, we really talk about it.  When we’re not talking about the next game, we talk about grades … our favorite topic – not!


We do pause and one of our favorite things to do is to cook. Coach is quite the grill master and I do the rest.  Okay, I do the rest because Coach is more than a little territorial with his grill, smoker, flat grill, charcoal grill – you get the idea, right?


A blended family isn’t unique, but it does have a different dynamic than families with only one set of parents.  In our family, there are four sets of parents.  So yeah, that makes us slightly different.  It can get sticky at times.  Divorce is rarely easy.  Especially, when there are kids.

Usually, it involves money.  I hate to say it, but it does.  We had to learn how to save even more money for unexpected situations that involved money.  Be sure to check out my book Diminishing Debt and Financial Soundness for Single Parents and Blended Families   for ways to budget.

A Work In Progress

We make mistakes even with our training in child development – did I mention we’re teachers? Even though we work with children every day and my husband has coached hundreds of kids, our life is still a work in progress.

However, we must be doing something right

because our kids are pretty great and we all love each other. It may get a little crazy while we juggle our daily lives, but ultimately, we find balance through hard work and a lot of play.

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