Cookies (Give Thanks)

Give Thanks

Weird, but true.  I am giving thanks to cookies.  I love making cookies, despite my frustrations with macaroons (I’ll tell you about that later).  Well, I went to make chocolate chip cookies and the stove started to malfunction.  Here I am with the dough already on my cookie sheet and the stove won’t work.  It’s gas, so I was afraid to turn on the oven.  Coach had to shut it down and by “shut it down” I mean turn off the entire circuit.  We were advised not to move the unit out without a technician there – again, the gas leak thing.

Well, I was more than a little upset.  I wanted some cookies.  I called for repairs and the gentleman on the phone was so polite, I couldn’t get aggravated.  In fact, how could I get upset?  I have an old oven in Coaches’ man-cave that I can use.  So I have to walk downstairs a few times, which I need to do since I’ll be eating cookies, but I should be thankful.

A Good Problem to Have

As I sat on hold, I asked myself, “isn’t this a good problem to have?” How many people are homeless or don’t have enough money to even purchase ingredients for cookies? Let alone eat? How can I be mad at the person in customer service who, by the way, is working on a weekend?

I have an extra oven – an extra oven in my basement!  I forgot to tell you that.

So am I thankful today?  Yes.  I am thankful for the cookies that made me think today instead of reacting to a negative situation.  I’m thankful that I have a problem that is minuscule compared to the “real” problems others have.

Do you have a problem you can give thanks to?



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