About Me

Family is important to me.  I always wanted to marry and start a family. You know. The perfect family? The perfect home?

I come from a large family and I wanted at least four children.  I had a plan and was determined to make it happen. I got married after college and years later had a baby boy.  I was right on track or so I thought. My marriage fell apart and my plan along with it.

My son was only weeks old when I left my husband and filed for divorce.  I’ll leave that story for another time. Anyway, I picked myself and my son up, literally, and started over again.

I eventually met someone else.  I didn’t want to like him, but he was so handsome and kind.  He made me laugh – I hadn’t laughed in a very long time.

We had so much in common.  I was a teacher.  He was a teacher.  I’d coached.  He coached.  More importantly, we were both parents and it was clear he adored his daughters.

So, much as I fought it, we fell in love and we fell in love with each other’s kids.

We’ve now been married for over ten years and we’re going strong, despite the overwhelming odds against second marriages.cropped-pexels-photo-2568072.jpeg

We’re a blended family with a life filled with ups and downs.  We’ve made it work, but we’re still working to make it work.

I hope you enjoy our blended experience!


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