Insane Way of Getting in Shape After Having a Baby (without going to the gym or getting out of your PJs)


I have an awesome way for worn-out mommies to be lifted up.  Mentally?  Of course, I always mean that, but this time, I mean literally lifting up.

Get Lifted

I mean lifting up your butt.  You know, your “after giving birth” saggy butt.  Or in my case, saggy waist-down body. Okay, if I’m honest, my saggy below the neck body!

Now, I know there are some that never had that problem.  Kudos to you.  Really.  I mean that – I think.

Let me give you the back-story to my post-pregnancy body.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

Yo! Don’t Worry About It!

Everyone said that when you’re pregnant it’s alright to gain a little extra because you’ll drop the weight fast when you breastfeed.  Well, I kinda took that as the green light for eating.  Even though I was pretty sick throughout my pregnancy with Joe, I had massive cravings.

The only thing I wanted was Mexican food and white cake with buttercream frosting.  And not the kind I could make.  Like I wanted wedding cake.



I’ll Have My Cake and Eat it Two or Three or Four

I was really obsessed with the cake.  I once got into a fight with a teacher that gave cake that was left over from a National Honor Society banquet to his class.  I was furious.  I watched him stroll by my classroom with the cake that I was intending to eat at lunch.  How dare he!

Boy, did I give him a piece of my mind.  I believe I even teared up a little. I was about to cry, but you have to understand I wanted, no needed, that cake.

Of course, I guilted him even more by informing him he shouldn’t be giving food (and fattening food at that) to his students. The irony was lost on me during the argument.

Happy Dance

Oh, did I forget to mention I was friends with him?  He felt terrible.  So terrible that he bought me a cake the next day.  I did a little happy dance on my swollen feet.

Well, I proceeded to eat that cake and continued to eat cake throughout the pregnancy.  Needless to say, I gained just a little weight.  I’m not telling you how much.  It didn’t concern me though because I was going to breastfeed, right?

You know my story.  I was more than a little stressed out after his birth.  This contributed to the stress prior to his birth because I was high-risk.

Long story short

I was unable to breastfeed more than a couple of days after giving birth to Joe.  My doctor believed it was due to the stress I was experiencing at that time.

The Weight Didn’t Go Away

Therefore, the extra weight I gained would not magically dissolve with breastfeeding. And, it didn’t.

Let me be very honest though.  My stress did contribute to losing a substantial amount of that weight, though. My problem was I wasn’t firm at all.

So Gooey

I was saggy and gooey.  Yuck.

I looked terrible and felt terrible.  On top of that.  My new-born baby couldn’t keep food down. I was in a pretty dark period of my life.  My only light was my child, whom I had to carry pretty much all-day and prop throughout the night.

I had failed to nourish my son through breast milk and was trying every formula imaginable to feed him.  He was diagnosed with acid reflux after having an upper GI. The test was awful and I felt awful as I watched the test being performed.

He Cried Continuously

My baby cried continually until he was old enough to eat a cereal mixed in his formula.  Until that time, I carried him to keep him upright.  The movement seemed to soothe his tummy.  He especially liked moving up and down.

That’s when I started what I call my Baby Squats.

Thank You Baby Bjorn

I carried him in my Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier that my sister got me.  Thank goodness for that carrier.  It was perfect.  My kiddo would just smile as I squatted up and down with him close to my chest.

Initially, I could only do little squats and not a lot because I had just delivered. As the weeks passed, I gradually started doing more and more. Plus, I was able to squat closer to the ground to maximize the exercise.

It was comical.

I was living with my parents temporarily, so my brother, sisters, their spouses, and kids were always over.  FYI – I have 10 siblings.  They’d come over and there I was with Joe squatting away.  It was hilarious.  I was okay with their laughs because my kid wasn’t screaming.  Let me tell you he could scream.

Now for the good news.



My legs, behind, and stomach started to firm up.  It was amazing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Plus, my thighs weren’t getting enormous because I was doing so many reps with little weight.  Joe only weighed 7 pounds when he was born.

Plus, the aerobic effect was releasing those great endorphins, which helped me with the stress of the divorce.

After the doctor released me, I started to squeeze my stomach as I squatted.  I also incorporated calf raises.

My Unconventional Style

Again, my exercise has been somewhat unconventional since I became a mother, but it works for me.

Have Fun!