Clean Aerobics – My Proven Way to Stay in Shape (Multi-tasking at its finest!)

Moms and dads are sometimes limited on time.  Let me modify that statement.  They are ALWAYS limited on time.

You know you should work out.  You know it’s good for you, but you seriously don’t have the time. Your schedule is full, so a lot of times exercise is the thing that often gets shoved aside.

I totally get it!

Coach and I will opt for spending time with our kids EVERY time over exercise.  It’s just that simple.  We will all go to the gym together, but we’ve never been consistent as a family.  We can’t because we share kid time with our ex’s.

Coach gets more gym time because his athletes weightlift.  Therefore, he is able to get his workouts in.

Short on Time

I’m not able to get that time.  I’m able to use the weights and treadmill in the basement, but a lot of times that gets cut short.

A way I’ve gotten around my problem of consistency of exercise is to incorporate a unique aerobic activity to my exercise regime.

I call it Clean Aerobics.

A way to exercise and get your house clean at the same time.

This isn’t a joke.

I mop my floors to get in shape.  This is the first time I’ve told anyone this because I was a little embarrassed to admit I clean to get into shape.  Oh well.  I finally had to come clean.

Get it?  Clean?

I know I’m weird, but it was a good pun.  No?  I guess I should listen to my students when they tell me not to tell any more jokes in class.  That my jokes are pretty bad.

But this was a pun, so it doesn’t count.

Okay, back to cleaning to get into shape.

Look, I used to be a single mom. I had a little guy and I had to be quick.  Plus, I needed a clean house because my kid was putting everything in his mouth while he was teething. And, I didn’t have the money to pay for a gym.

What I realized when Joe was young, is my heart rate went up when I cleaned the apartment we lived in.  I literally raced to get it cleaned.  My little guy cried a lot when I didn’t hold him (he had acid reflux), so I had to be quick. I would go weeks without a typical workout, but I wasn’t gaining weight. In fact, I was slowly losing and firming up.

Admittedly, when I was going through my divorce, I lost a lot of weight from stress.  Months later, though, I wasn’t stressed as much.  Just really busy trying to juggle my life.

I Wasn’t Consistent – I’m just being honest.

I was not consistent with my exercise, but I did consistently clean.  I put two and two together and figured my cleaning was helping me stay in shape.

Years later, I still clean a lot. Especially with another Baby running around – ruff, ruff!  Cleaning takes up a lot of time, so I still use Clean Aerobics.

I hope you enjoy.  Okay, maybe not enjoy, but you’ll get in shape and your family will love you.  Maybe enough to take you out to dinner!

Give it a shot.  You’ve got nothing to lose, but weight:)