Have Fun Shopping for Clothes That Will Get You Noticed (and fit in your family budget)




Okay, I like apples, but just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean I have to wear apple appliques.  They are cute for some, but they really aren’t my style.  I wear a lot of different things and I like being in style.  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have off days when Coach will give me an odd look as if to say, “Are you sure about that,” but for the most part I try to stay “in style.”

Staying Trendy

Staying trendy can be expensive. Especially, when you have three kids and one of them is in college.  It’s hard to justify a shopping spree when schools fees are a few months around the corner.


I try to be aware of sales and I also have no problem mixing the old with the new.  I’m a pack rat by nature.  I never throw anything out.  Eventually, the clothes come back in style.  Just sayin.  LOL.

I also have no problem mixing high-end with low-end clothes.  I probably mix more middle-end end clothes with low-end.

Let me explain

High-end for me would be something that’s getting close to the one-hundred dollar mark.  Low-end would be something I pick up at for less than ten.  Yep.  For those of you who don’t shop low-end, give it a try.  I have no problem wearing a shirt from Walmart and mixing it with a jacket or a nice pair of pants.


I worked for a clothing store and the owner always said that women’s clothing (not all!) isn’t made as well as men’s because women wear their clothes fewer times.  He said there are more seasons.  I had to remind him there are only four seasons – winter, summer, spring, and fall.  I remember him laughing and explaining that he wasn’t referring to the typical seasons.

Lines of Clothing

He meant there are more times he has to rotate his lines of clothing.  He bought six times a year.  He said manufacturers do not have to make garments as well as men’s because they will not wear it as often.  He only purchased men’s clothing four times a year.   Because of this, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes I may only wear a few times.

Let me throw out my disclaimer – this was his opinion.  I’m just sharing because it does apply to certain clothes I wear.  I don’t wear evening wear more than a few times.  I like to change it up.  Therefore, I won’t spend a ton of money on these items.


In other words, mix things up.  Be adventurous and try a cheap top with expensive pants.  I do the same with jewelry.  I had a ton of compliments on a cute necklace I wore the other day.  Did I tell them that I found it at Walmart on clearance for three dollars?  No!

As a result, I have a lot of clothes and a ton of options for outfits.  Outfits that look expensive, but aren’t.  And, by the way, no apple sweaters!

My Go to Gear

Try neutral-colored blazers for an easy professional look that is easy to change up.

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Tan
  • Grey

All of the above colors can be paired with pants for a professional look all year.


I can usually find blazers on sale in the summer.  Stores are trying to get rid of past items from their winter season, so pants and blazers go on sale and are really cheap.  Like 75% off cheap.  So take advantage of those sales.

Check out these jackets (blazers) I get loads of compliments on.  I love to pair with cropped pants in the summer and slacks in the winter, and jeans on the weekends.

I adore pairing blazers with jeans and heals.


Another tip? Even if you’re a little or a lot older, shop in the junior section sometimes. Many of your department stores have young professional sections.  You may have to go up a size, but they have clothes you can wear.  For instance, I found a tailored blazer at H&M for only $14.  I get a ton of compliments on it.  I also found a coat there for $19.


The sizes look different, but it’s easy to convert to your size.  For instance, a size 7/8 fits a junior (or teen) size 9 and a women’s size 10.  Juniors tend to fit a narrower frame and women’s a curvier figure.  I go up a size in junior sizes.  In other words, if I wear a size 6 in women’s, I’ll wear a 7/8 in juniors.

If your still confused, conversion charts are found on most clothing store websites.

Still not sure you have enough extra money?

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