Why You May Want to Try Marriage Counseling

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Why Marriage Counseling Could Save Your Marriage

You know when you are struggling with your marriage. You argue, then ignore each other. You don’t respect your spouse’s opinion or you regard that opinion with contempt. You try everything NOT to be near your spouse, rarely spending time together. There are a lot of signs that are pointing toward divorce.

Divorce doesn’t have to be the answer, though, to your problems.

I recommend talking about your situation with someone. Maybe this person can shed some light on your marriage. Maybe you will discover that you are overreacting to the problems. Maybe you will discover that you are underreacting and should take immediate action. Perhaps, if you admit something is wrong to someone else, you can work up the courage to speak to your spouse about the flaws in your marriage. Then, maybe, you can both see a marriage counselor.

Every case is different.

Everyone is different, yet alike in so many ways. I was in a bookstore recently in the self-help section researching for my book. There was another woman there and she questioned me about a book I was skimming. She asked why I was reading it and I explained my research, the book, and what I was writing. Right there, in the bookstore with her two sons in another section, she told me her story. She explained about her husband’s affair and wanted to know if I thought she should leave him. Here was a lady that was reaching out to me – a complete stranger.

First, I explained it wasn’t my decision to make. Then, I suggested she should try counseling before making any decisions. Especially, since she had two young sons. I also told her I was not a licensed therapist, but I had gone through a divorce. I did explain to her that she should not “toss” her marriage aside if she could help it.

An overwhelming sense of sadness enveloped me when she told me that she believed it was all her fault; that she had driven him to do this. You see, she had an affair years before and now believed this was payback for her indiscretion. She believed she was being punished for her past.

I explained this was not her fault exclusively. Both she and her husband have a role in their marriage. The roles appear to have become blurry, but it is worth the effort to clearly define their marriage again. He made a terrible mistake, so he should also be responsible for repairing the damage.

She thanked me for listening and said she would think about receiving counseling. After her departure, I realized there are many people who want to reach out but do not know how. They will reach out and grasp any life vest – even one from a virtual stranger.

Maybe It’s Time for you to Reach Out

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