Never More

A long, long time ago I was married and living the dream – or so I thought. I was pregnant, in a new home, and planning how to raise our child. In my third trimester, I started having doubts about my marriage. Things weren’t as joyful as they should have been. Let’s just say things were really off.

Weeks after our son was born my world exploded. My husband and I separated and within a few weeks we were divorced.

I was still on maternity leave and moving back in with my parents. I knew I could give up and, let me tell you, I did several times. But, I pulled myself together and started living again. I had to. I had a newborn to support! I went back to work (I’m a teacher). I avoided bankruptcy and started to build a life without my spouse. It was hard, but I did it, and I’m stronger for it.

Are you and your spouse thinking about divorce?

Are you and your spouse thinking about divorce?  Are you unsure how to proceed?  Do you know what to expect?  Never More: A Guide to Help You Navigate Divorce will help you through the muddy waters of divorce.

This guide contains 100 pages of information and worksheets for you to complete if you are facing divorce.  Download this easy-to-read book, print the sheets, and complete as you read. Congratulations on taking this step to a better life.

One more thing …

I was terrified about money.  I wasn’t sure what to do financially.  New home, cars, bills – you get the picture.  I followed a series of steps to prepare for my divorce and handle my finances after.  Fill out the form and I’ll send you free financial information.