How to prepare financially for your divorce.

The road is long, but you can get through it and have financial freedom.

The amount of people divorced is staggering.  It’s the norm, but still incredibly painful.  It’s also one of the most painful things a person can ever go through.  I know I felt myself in this vortex that wouldn’t release me until almost everything was gone, leaving me with little else but my dignity.  And I was barely hanging on to that as well.  Gone was the new home.  Gone was the truck. Most of my possessions.

I lost almost everything.  Almost.

I did not lose my son and I didn’t lose my dignity.

If you are going through a divorce, I encourage you to hang in there.  Even though the road seems unending, you can do this, so don’t give up.


Have a Goal

Go back to work and if you don’t have one, try finding one.  Hey, blogging is a pretty cool thing to do.

This period in your life will pass and you will soon begin to live again.

Have your moment to be down and bitter, but then get back up and start living again.

Have a Plan

The first step to your new life is a plan of attack.

Not to attack your ex, but to attack life with energy and vitality. A plan for financial soundness, so you can provide for your family.

You can do it!

You can do it.  You just have to do it.  I know you can!  I want you to say out loud 10 times that you can do it. 10 times.  Now, imagine yourself in a new home, in a new job, in a new car, or going to school.  Now say you can do it 10 more times.  Do it now and start your new life.

Is money an obstacle?

Of course, it is!  I was on the verge of bankruptcy but was able to avoid it.  You can too, but you need to be strong.  Here’s a free financial guide.

And again, you can get through these difficult times.  I know you can!