Back to the Basics

Why?  The big why.  Why do I feel this need to get back to the basics?

This is a difficult question to answer.  It’s not one I really want to answer, but if I’m about to switch gears with my blog of only one year, I need to be transparent.

I started this blog because I love to write. Years prior to blogging, I wrote a book about divorce.  Not an easy non-fiction to write, but therapeutic to me.  I never published it because I didn’t want to create friction with my ex and I didn’t want to make my son uncomfortable.

I still wanted to write though, so I wrote a fiction novel.  A thriller.  It took a long time to write and I went through many edits.  It was picked up by one of the top literary agents in NY.  I was astounded that I had an agent.  A few months later, not so excited, when the agent dropped me. I had made a rookie mistakes and was, pretty much, chewed up and spit out by this agent.  I guess I wasn’t as good as he initially told me.  I was devastated, so I decided to focus only on my teaching career and my family.

Fast forward to 2018.  The writing bug hit me again, but I decided to switch gears and develop a blog.  I also thought I’d monetize by creating three smaller workbooks from my divorce book.  I also wanted to incorporate our blended family and our joy of food.

Well, again, I failed.  My divorce books didn’t generate interest.  Needless to say, I was frustrated, so I took my books off the site to sell.  Honestly, I didn’t want to write about that dark period in my life.  I wanted to focus on the positive.

Looking at the future ….

Coach and I have a lot of fun cooking, so we made the decision to share recipes on our blog.  We also decided to slow down in life and get back to the basics.  When the opportunity came up to purchase my sister’s farm, we took it as a sign. Let me explain.


I’ve always loved horses.  In fact, I was obsessed with horses.  As a kid, I’d draw pictures of them and dream of owning my own horse.  I learned how to ride on my uncle’s horse, Whiskey.  I didn’t have a saddle, so had to ride bareback.

Throughout high school, I saved my money and, after graduating, purchased my first horse.   He was a quarter horse named Mac.  I didn’t know that much but had plenty of help and that help came from my sister and her husband.  The same sister who is now selling her farm.

There are a lot of details I’ll tell you about later, but I have to stress that this farm has an unbelievable amount of sentimental value to me and my sister.

l sold Mac after a few years and purchased a show horse that I kept with a trainer. I would eventually own two show horses and had a barn. I lost them both when I got divorced.

I told myself that one day I’d get back into horses.  That one day, I’d ride again.   As you know, I remarried and had a beautifully blended family that I focused most of my attention on.  Not a lot of time for horses and I really didn’t have the urge to ride.

Full Circle

I’ve now come full circle to where I owned my first horse.  When Coach and I discussed what we wanted to do this next phase in our life – life without our kids in the house – we decided to go for it and decided to purchase the farm.

Coach really pushed for it because he wanted to be out in the country, where he could fish and grill.  I wanted out in the country because I wanted to get back to the simple pleasures in life.  Taking the dogs on a walk, grooming a horse, and cooking.

Full Circle Forever Farm

We are still blogging, but we are incorporating our life on our farm.  We are calling it our Full Circle Forever Farm because we have circled back to the farm we want to live on forever.