Teaching and Coaching

Our family is full of teachers and administrators.  Collectively, our family has over one hundred years of teaching experience.  There are elementary teachers, middle school and high school scattered throughout my family and Coach’s – retired and currently teaching in a multitude of areas.

Okay, so I may as well get our resumes out of the way. Hopefully, this will give validity to the information we provide you in these areas.

I was in business with a degree in Business & Economics. I decided to go back to school to teach.  I currently teach STEAM, technology and business classes. I taught history and government for numerous years, too.   I have my master’s in Educational Leadership, but don’t intend to become an administrator any time soon.  I love teaching, so I want to remain in the classroom at this time.  I have developed mentoring programs for teachers and response-to-intervention programs for at-risk children.  I’ve also coached track, basketball, youth soccer, but stopped when I had Joe.

Coach is a Driver’s Ed teacher and department head.  He’s taught for twenty-seven years and is also certified in English and Physical Education.  He has been a varsity head coach of football, basketball, baseball, softball and golf.  He’s also been the assistant in all of these, as well.  In addition, he’s been the head Middle School coach in football, basketball and volleyball. And, let’s not forget coaching little league baseball and softball, junior football league and youth basketball.  In addition to coaching, he received a full-ride scholarship to play football at a division one college.

We are sharing our experiences, tips and tools for you and your child in the following areas:  teachers, students Pre-K to HS, coaching MS & HS and coaching youth divisions.

We hope you find something you can use!